Fast proofreading with redpen

Proofreading is something you want to-do quickly and on the fly. If you have docker installed you can download the entire redpen server.

docker pull dai0304/techdoc-redpen

Of course, you're not interested in running a server. You just want to proof read your document.

Bind this alias in your terminal:

alias docker-redpen='docker run -v $(pwd):/redpen -w /redpen --rm -it dai0304/techdoc-redpen'

Start a new terminal and go to your document directory. Now type docker-redpen.

Your work directory is mounted into the container. And you are in the shared volume directory.

Proof read your file:


Apart from internal redpen information, you should get remarks on your text. Unless everything is perfect.

Redpen can read all kinds of formats. Personally I use it on my markdown documentation.

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